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How to Re-String a Chalk Bag

Posted on May 28 2017

How to Restring a Chalk Bag if it Cording Falls Out or is Worn Out


  1. Straw 
  2. Stapler 
  3. Cording 
  4. Toggle
  5. Scissor
  6. Candle
  7. Measuring Tape 



  1. Use measuring tape to measure 21 inches of cording
  2. Cut cord 21 inches with scissor
  3. Place 1 inch of the cord through the straw
  4. Staple that 1 inch of straw to cord
  5. Push straw through grommet and wiggle out through the fleece lining till you reach the other side
  6. Fully pull the straw out through the grommet
  7. Use scissors to cut off stapled tip of cording
  8. Put toggle through both ends of the cording
  9. Make a knot at the end
  10. Light a candle safely
  11. Burn ends of cord with candle to prevent unraveling
  12. Put off the candle
  13. Let the cord ends dry for 1-2 minutes before touching or using the chalk bags (make sure they are not touching the bag or other surfaces)



Where to Shop for Materials

In store at Michaels, Joanne's or any local craft store

If you have time you can order online CreateforLess, ParacordPlanet, and Amazon should have many of these items


Additional Ideas and Options for restringing chalk bag

If you do not have a stapler or a straw, use tape with a safety pin

-tape ends of cord to prevent fraying and falling out while wiggling through fleece

-safety pin 1 inch of cord (with tape)


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